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This rare pair of pendant lamps was designed by Willem Hendrik Gispen for Gispen in 1931. The particular model was named the Giso 4c. In the 1930s, pendants of this Giso ‘c’ series were used in several iconic modernist buildings in the Netherlands The white opaline glass globes emit a pleasant, diffused light. The stem, ceiling cup/canopy and pendant holder are all in brass.

The lamps are in very good original condition. The brass parts have been polished but retain part of their beautiful patina acquired over time. The height of the stem can be shortened on request. Both opaline glass globes are marked with the original Giso stamps ‘GISO Marque deposee’, indicating the lamps were part of the original 1930s production and not later reproductions.

Pair available, listed price is per item/ for one pendant.

Literature references: Gispen tubular furniture and lighting 1920-1940 and Gispen lamp catalogue (1931) no. 29, page 8.