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This striking floor lamp was produced in Sweden in the mid-1920s. The elegant design is exemplary for the Swedish Grace style with its combination of the architectural octagonal pattern and (neo)classical details. In the 1920s a young and talented generation of designers looked back to classicism and their own Swedish traditions, and created a unique style characterized by timeless proportions, exceptional craftsmanship and playful details.

The lamp is made of birch wood with a slightly tapered stand leading to a circular base with eight paw feet. The octagonal shaped of the stand is continued as a pattern in the dome shaped, tiered base. The upper curved part of the base with alternating surfaces in a darker finish. This detail is also repeated on the raised edges of the two lowest levels of the base. The eight lion’s paw feet are carved from solid birch wood. The intricate attention to detail and the exceptional quality of the hand made production demonstrate the high level of craftsmanship of this piece. The new custom shade in an ivory fabric rests on the original holder which is adjustable in height. Rewired and currently with a 220V European plug.