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This exceptional chandelier was designed by Harald Notini and produced by Arvid Böhlmarks Lampvarufabrik in Sweden in the 1940s.

The striking design consists of three striped and etched glass shades with a slightly undulating, scalloped rim. The shades are attached to brass holders with a serrated shape. The three upper shades in lacquered metal are mounted above the glass shades, reflecting the light. The upper shades in a dark beige/ light hazelnut color with a perforated and wavy rim. The glass and upper shades are connected by a brass arms in a beautful curved shape. The three arms are attached to the brass centre leading to the central stem. The design is completed by the brass ceiling cup.

A striking and extremely rare example of Swedish Modern lighting. With the etched shades and distinct upper shades, the chandelier is beautiful both with the light turned on and off. The intricate details, the materials used and the high level of craftsmanship perfectly illustrate the originality and quality of both Harald Notini and the manufacturer Böhlmarks.

Literature: The design is documented in the ‘Böhlmarks - Elektrisk Belysningsarmatur’ catalogue from the 1940s (see last picture of the listing).