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This striking three arm pendant light was manufactured by the company AB. E. Hansson in Mälmo, Sweden in the early 1950s. The entire design is made of brass and consists of a ceiling cup, cable holder and the fixture with three arms. The brass shades are perforated at the bottom, above the middle part and on top of each shade. The length of the cable is adjustable, with the spare cable stored inside the beautifully made brass cable holder. The design is completed by a brass ring which was used to carefully change the height of the pendant.

This particular model is numbered 625/3, the model number as well as the manufacturer’s name are stamped on the lamp. The specified height is of only the fixture itself, the total height is adjustable.

The lamp is in fully original condition with a nice patina on the brass, some signs of wear on the brass consistent with age and use. The brass can be polished if desired.