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    This extremely rare lounge chair was designed by Svante Skogh and produced by the manufacturer AB Hjertquist & Co in Nässjö, Sweden. This model -number 905- was designed by Skogh in 1955 and was produced for a very short period only. This particular chair has the production date March 1956 stamped in the inner frame. The geometric lines and the angular positioning of the seat make this a very striking design. The chair is upholstered in a smooth, black leather, with a vertical stitched pattern on the neck, backrest and seat cushions. The frame is in red beech wood.

    References: Andreas Siesing, Svenska möbler: folkhemsform i ull, jakaranda, furu och bok 1949-1970, page 62. Permanent collection, Nasjonalmuseet (National Museum Oslo), inventory number OK-2001-0214