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    This exceptional set of dining chairs was designed by Don Ulderico Carlo Alberto Forni for a private residence in Milan. The design was produced by hand by a master carpenter in the Como area in the late 1940s. The frame of the chair is in solid cherrywood, with a sculptural wing shaped back. The details of the intricately made elegant backrest and the graceful tapering legs demonstrate the particularly high level of craftsmanship of the maker. The elegant Silhouette of the frames is completed by the curved line of the rear legs.

    The chairs have been carefully restored and reconditioned, respecting and partially retaining the original patina of the wood. The upholstery has been renewed in a traditional manner, using high quality horsehair to create a comfortable and even seat. The ecru colored fabric is the beautifully structured ‘Windsor’ fabric by Tibor Reich. The upholstery is finished with an elegant braid trimming by Houlès throughout, its color matching with the fabric.

    Don Ulderico Carlo Alberto Forni (1913-1978) was born in the noble Forni family. He was a trained architect who designed multiple buildings in the Lombardy area in Italy. One of the best known projects he worked on was the Galleria Manzoni in Milan, together with Mario Brazzola and Alziro Bergonzo. His furniture designs were often solely created for a specific interior. Forni’s design signature with an emphasis on rounded, elegant lines can be placed in the tradition of his Italian contemporaries such as Gio Ponti and Guglielmo Ulrich.