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    This exceptionally rare pair of lounge chairs was designed by Esko Pajamies and produced by the Finnish company Merva in the 1960s. The rectangular shape of the seat, armrests and backrest give the chair a geometric and modernist appearance. The comfortable seat is suspended over two cantilever flat bar legs in chrome plated steel.

    The chairs have been fully reconditioned and newly upholstered in a charcoal and silver gray ‘Ria’ fabric designed by Raf Simons for Kvadrat. The base of this wool fabric is made up of a thinner, single toned yarn, through which are woven two colors of thicker yarn to create a subtly textured dotting of color across the surface. As with the optic mixture created by the Pointillists, the fragmented colors add an interesting depth and texture to the design of the chairs.

    The chromed legs have been polished and are in very good condition. One of the frames is marked with the manufacturer’s label ‘Merva Metalliteos, Made in Finland’