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    This exceptionally rare pair of armchairs was designed by Carl Malmsten and produced by Svenska Möbelfabriken in Bodafors, Sweden in the early 1930s. The refined design is marked by its frame with a beautifully curved backrest and saber legs. The frame is executed in solid birch wood with its remarkable flaming pattern, the front and back legs with a decorative, vertically veneered panel in a lighter satinwood. The curving armrests complete the sumptuous design.

    The chairs have been completely restored. The woodwork has been refinished and the upholstery has been completely renewed, including a new interior upholstery. The beige/sandstone colored fabric is by the fine French weaver Métaphores. The linen and cotton jacquard fabric captures the light beautifully and its dotted pattern is reminiscent of a shagreen fabric. One chair marked with a metal AB Svenska Möbelfabrikerna Bodafors plate, both chairs with several SMF stamps and numbers on the interior frame.

    The design of this chair was first presented as part of an interior at the Stockholm exhibition in 1930, titled ‘Modern Svensk Hemslöjd’ (Moden Swedish Handicraft). This particular design offers an interesting combination of the classical Swedish Grace movement and the clean and understated lines of the early Swedish modern period.

    Literature: Anna Greta Wahlberg, Carl Malmsten, Bokförlaget Signum, 1988, model pictured on page 81.