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    This rare pair of lounge chairs was designed by Arne Dahlén in the early 1960s. The model was called ‘Eva’ and was manufactured by his company, Dahléns Company in the Swedish town Dalum. The company was solely devoted to the production of chairs.

    The soft geometric angles give this chair a modern and sculptural appearance. The hexagonal shape of the seat shell makes this an interesting design from all angles.

    The chairs have been fully reconditioned and newly upholstered in a caramel beige ‘Opio’ fabric by Fadini Borghi / Pierre Frey. This soft bouclé fabric is a wonderful composition of mohair, wool and alpaca. The four tapered legs are in veneered oakwood, with brass feet.

    Literature reference: Andreas Siesing, Svenska Möbler : folkhemsform i ull, jakaranda, furu och bok 1949-1970, page 196.