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    This very rare pair of armchairs was designed by Angelo Mangiarotti and produced by the Italian manufacturer La Sorgente dei Mobili in the early 1970s. The design is marked by the square and geometric shapes of the upholstered frame combined with a more organic, curved armrest. The four legs in an elongated diabolo shape are made of sapele mahogany wood. The striking design is generously sized and sumptuous, while at the same time retaining a sense of lightness and modernity with the seat almost floating on the elegant legs.

    We have a matching sofa available here.

    The chairs have been fully reconditioned and completely restored. The upholstery has been renewed. The luxurious wheat beige/gold fabric is by Metaphores Paris. This wool and linen jacquard fabric with a tweed feel was inspired by the Paris Haute Couture collections. The legs have been restored and refinished.