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    This rare pair of armchairs was designed by André Sornay and produced by his workshop in Lyon in the early 1950s. High, angled backrest in sapele mahogany with upholstered cushions. Both the armrests and front legs are in a trapezium shape and are connected by a visible box joint, which is a trademark of Sornay’s work in this particular era. The lower seat frame and curved back legs add to the dynamic elegance of the chairs. The slightly sloping seat and backrest with the sumptuous cushions make this a very comfortable design. The cushions have been fully reconditioned and newly upholstered in an ivory chenille Larsen fabric with bouclé-like surface. The texture and shade of the fabric offer a nice contrast with the warmth and texture of the sapele mahogany frame.

    Literature reference: Thierry Roche, André Sornay 1902-2000, Beau Fixe Edition, 2002, page 59.