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    Designed by Ignazio Gardella in 1957, the Digamma lounge chair is a comfortable chair with roots in the late Italian modernist tradition. Its rational construction features two geometric sections - the rectangular upholstered back and seat - bound by a firm upholstered frame. The black metallic legs are finished off with Gardella’s iconic brass ‘duck’ feet. The armchair has a three-position reclining backrest offering additional comfort and adjustability.

    This chair is a custom version realized by Santa & Cole for Kabinet Hubert, upholstered and sewn by hand in an emerald green Lelièvre fabric. This soft and dense fabric is a delicate combination of chenille and bouclé yarns.

    Ignazio Gardella was a member of the so-called third generation of the Modern Movement. He is considered one of the greatest exponents of Italian Rationalism, although he followed its principles in a much more personal way, searching to overcome its limitations. In 1957, he created the Digamma armchair which was produced by Gavina. In 2005 the Barcelona based Santa & Cole has been assigned by Gavina to produce this official re-edition. In this armchair Gardella showed his capacity to join harmoniously elements that belonged to opposite styles at first sight, a common characteristic of most of his works.