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    This rare sideboard was designed by the French designers Jacques Chambron and Robert Guillerme in the early 1960s. The cabinet was produced by their company Votre Maison in France. The glazed and painted ceramic tiles and the handles were designed and made by their frequent collaborator and ceramicist Boleslaw Danikowski. This particular model is one of the rarest and most architectonic storage pieces designed by the French duo.

    The entire piece is made of solid French oak wood. The striking base is formed by two front legs with the two back legs placed more inwards, creating a beautiful architectural line which creates a light and almost floating appearance of the upper part. The storage part with exceptionally made tambour doors, ridged with beautiful vertical lines. On the right five drawers with black ceramic handles. The original hand painted ceramic tiles on the top with a black and blue floral motif. These could easily be replaced for marble, mirrored glass or smoked glass if they are not to taste.

    The piece has been restored, respecting and preserving the original patina of the oak wood. Overall in very good condition.