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    Italian modernist design is known for its experimental and bold character. Simultaneously emphasizing the elegant, it often pushes the boundaries of material and idea. This set of six dining chairs by Guglielmo Ulrich offers an exquisite example of this particular sensibility. The Trieste chair, named after the first prize its design won at the competition of the Fiera di Trieste in 1961, is a contemporary of Gio Ponti’s Supperleggera chair in terms of its innovative use of lightweight wood. Produced in a small quantity, another noteworthy innovation can be found in the constructional details of the open dovetail joins in lamellar wood which hold the structure of the legs and the back-rest together. This elegant and innovative set has been refreshed in order to preserve the original lacquer. If desired, the chairs can be newly upholstered according to your specific wishes.


    Biography: Guglielmo Ulrich (1904 - 1977) is a seminal figure of Italian design, born in Milan to a family of noble Danish descent. He was inspired by 18th and 19th century designs but combined this interest with a wonderful understanding of material and simplicity in form and function. Together with a rather wild taste for rare and exquisite materials and a perfectionist in the execution of his designs, he was a main protagonist of the Italian style.

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