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    This exceptionally rare chair was produced by the Danish company Brøndbyøster Møbel & Trævarefabrik A/S in 1953. The model was aptly named ‘Hjertestolen’ which is Danish for ‘Heart Chair’. The exuberant design is marked by the heart shaped back and slightly oval shaped seat. The organic shaped winged back gives the chair a welcoming and embracing feeling. The chair stands on four slightly tapered legs in solid beech wood which has been finished in a brown stain.

    The chair is in very good condition, it has been fully restored. The upholstery has been completely renewed, the fabric used is a lilac purple mohair ‘Duke’ velvet by Pierre Frey. The legs have been reinforced and refinished.

    The design of the chair was sometimes attributed to Magnus Stephensen. A 1953 advertisement of Brøndbyøster Møbel & Trævarefabrik A/S confirm this model was produced by them, the designer was not specified in the advertisement.