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    This very rare cabinet was produced by AB Svenska Möbelfabrikerna in Bodafors, Sweden in the late 1940s. The striking design is attributed to Carl-Axel Acking, one of the leading designers for SMF during this period. The piece is composed of a double door and two side panels, all veneered in elm wood displaying a beautiful grain. Both the front and sides decorated with a zigzag V shaped pattern in bronzed brass nails, which gives the piece a distinct appearance. The lower side of the cabinet with two front drawers. Here the chevron like pattern is repeated, this time in a veneered oak root wood. The cabinet stands on four tapered legs made of solid elm wood. The interior of the cabinet with several shelves, two pull-out shelves and one drawer.

    The craftsmanship of SMF Bodafors is perfectly illustrated by all the refined details of this cabinet. Significant Swedish designers such as Axel Einar Hjorth, Axel Larsson and Bertil Fridhagen designed furniture for SMF. Carl-Axel Acking was known for his intricately designed geometric patterns which were then executed in various wood veneers and other materials.

    This piece is marked inside one of the lower drawers with the metal manufacturer’s label ‘AB Svenska Möbelfabrikerna Bodafors’.