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    This rare armchair was designed by André Sornay and produced in his own workshop in Lyon, France in the late 1920s. The solid walnut frame with its curved armrests and striking frontal legs perfectly illustrates the craftsmanship and elegance of Sornay’s work. The woodwork has been refinished and the chair has been fully reconditioned with new springs and reupholstered in a sand colored fabric by Métaphores. This linen and cotton jacquard fabric captures the light beautifully and its dotted pattern is reminiscent of a shagreen fabric. The chair is signed with “A. Sornay” next to the right frontal leg.

    Provenance: Private Collection, Lyon, France. The chair belonged to a Lyonnaise artisan who had his atelier next to Sornay’s. By descent, the chair remained in the same family since then.

    Thierry Roche, André Sornay 1902-2000, Beau Fixe Edition, 2002, page 112.