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A unique and sculptural pair of wall lamps consisting of a striking spiral screw base in hardwood, wall bracket in black metal and custom fabric shades.

The substantial concentric wooden spirals were used in the textile industry in the southern part of Belgium in the late 19th century. The mills in this area were spinning textiles, mostly wool, into yarns, these screws played a significant role in the production process, as they were used to wash and rinse the wool before it was processed further. Each individual screw was carved by hand at the time. The screws of the lamps can be placed mirrored, which allows for a striking positioning of the pair.

The hardwood of the spiral screws retains its original, beautiful patina. The wool wax residues on the wood offers a wonderful reference to the past use of the lamp bases. The custom fabric shades in an alabaster color provide soft and pleasant lighting. The fittings/bulb holders are adjustable so the shades can be moved into different directions/angles. The wall lights come with an attached cord and light switch, but they can be installed directly onto an existing wall switch to install them cordless.