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As with most of Paolo Buffa’s designs, these exquisite Cuban mahogany chairs are classic yet eccentric examples of the 1940s sensibility which explored a fusion between the futurist and the classical. The wooden backrests, reminiscent of sculpturally shaped wings, and curved lines create an elegant silhouette. Other typical Buffa details include the tapered legs, curvy feet and the horizontal slats connecting the front and back legs. Due to the high quality gobelin fabric, the original upholstery has been remarkably well preserved, which makes this particular set a rare find.

Biography: Biography: After working briefly in Gio Ponti’s studio in the 1920’s, Milanese architect and designer Paolo Buffa (1903-1970) quickly made a name for himself amongst the Milanese upper classes. His designs are original, beautifully executed and highly refined, combining the neoclassical with the functional and modern. Executed in only the most valuable materials, his designs are infused with Lombardy’s woodworking traditions. These characteristics make Buffa’s work highly collectable.

Bibliography: similar model: R. Aloi, Sedie, poltrone e divani Hoepli, 1954, fig. 42 / Roberto Rizzi, I Mobili di Paolo Buffa, Cantú 2001, p. 34.