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The versatile and comfortable P40 lounge chair was designed by Osvaldo Borsani in 1955. The P40 is an iconic example of 1950s Italian design. This chair is the rare first edition chair with the round tubular base as originally designed by Borsani. This model was produced by Tecno between 1955 and 1959. The chair can be adjusted into numerous positions. The back and seat can be moved to create different angles and the flexible rubber arms can be folded away. A foldaway element under the seat can pivot outwards to provide extended leg support and incorporates a pull-out metal footrest. The brass details and handles complete the design. The chair is marked with a red Tecno logo on both sides.

The chair has been recently reupholstered in a yellow wool fabric by De Ploeg. The fabric has a subtle ribbed texture which creates a refined plisse pattern. The rubber arms and brass details are fully original and in overall good condition.

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