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This striking sofa was designed by Guillerme et Chambron in the early 1960s. This particular model was named Véronique and it was produced by their company Le Mobilier Votre Maison in northern France.

The sofa is made of solid oak wood, the preferred material of Guillerme et Chambron for almost all their designs. The cushions are upholstered in a refined Lelièvre bouclé fabric with a graphic, striped pattern and soft texture.

The model is marked by the angular, curved shape of the frame and the striking back rest, consisting of eight, wide wooden spindles framed by oak rails on the top, sides and the bottom. The armrests have a distinct shape, standing freely and unattached to the back. The six legs in a fluted form. The round back cushions add playfulness to the design, while ensuring great seating comfort. The cushions also ensure the beautifully crafted back of the sofa remains visible from all sides. The specific woodworking and joinery and the attention to even the smallest detail make this sofa a great example of the originality and craftsmanship of Guillerme et Chambrons work.

The sofa is in good, fully restored condition. The wood has been refreshed, preserving and respecting the original patina and therefore retaining its warm and pleasant appereance. The cushions have been completely renewed and are upholstered in a high quality ivory bouclé fabric by Lelièvre Paris. The thin, rhythmic stripes add a beautiful depth and texture to the overall design.