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This striking three-seat sofa is the first edition of the ABCD series designed by Pierre Paulin for Artifort in 1968. The lounge sofa is composed by three seperate segments characterized by their wave shaped curves. Somewhat reminiscent of the shape of an egg carton, the curves in the seat provides every user with their own armrest, ensuring a sense of privacy. This rare first edition of the ABCD series is mounted on metal castors. The later editions of this series were produced with a less wavy shape, with the surface of the seat somewhat flatter and less glowing. The entire ABCD series are no longer produced by Artifort, unlike some of Pierre Paulin’s other designs for the Dutch manufacturer.

The sofa was originally purchased from Artifort by an architectural firm for their office in the Utrecht province in the Netherlands in the late 1960s. A few years ago, the previous owner had the piece fully reconditioned and reupholstered under the supervision of an official Artifort upholsterer, where they had access to the original drawings of the design, to ensure the piece would be exactly reupholstered in line with the original upholstery. The striking yellow Kvadrat Tonus wool fabric is still in very good condition, with minor fading in the back.