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This elegant bar cabinet was manufactured by the Svenska Möbelfabrikerna in Bodafors in the late 1940s. The design is attributed to the Swedish designer and architect Carl-Axel Acking. The double doors feature a striking geometric pattern in a veneered mahogany inlay. Both sides and the top of the cabinet are in a veneered mahogany as well, all displaying a beautiful wood grain. The four legs and lower frame in mahogany give the piece a refined and elegant feel. The interior of the cabinet is executed in a veneered oak, with a mirrored back and door on the right side. Other details on the right side include two bottle racks, two glass shelves and a small indoor motion lamp. On the left side, two drawers and one shelf.

The craftsmanship of SMF Bodafors is perfectly illustrated by all the refined details on both the exterior and interior of this cabinet. Significant Swedish designers such as Axel Einar Hjorth, Axel Larsson and Bertil Fridhagen designed furniture for SMF. Carl-Axel Acking was known for his intricately designed geometric patterns which were then executed in various veneers, often mahogany.

This piece is marked and stamped on the back-side with a SMF label, including the model name of this piece ‘Stiletto’.